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Scarlet Snakes

The scarlet snake is a small constricting snake, which is similar to a king snake. It lays about 3-8 eggs in June and its babies usually hatch in late summer measuring about 6.” It usually dwells n pine forest, mixed, hardwood or well-drained soils and can be found in New Jersey and Florida.

It has smooth scales marked quite colorfully and is occasionally confused with the Coral Snake, but Scarlet’s red banks are substituted with narrow black-bordered yellow bands. Its belly ranges from plain white to yellow and it has a pointed red snout. It preys on eggs of other reptiles. Their teeth are enlarged, which allows them to open eggs that are too huge to swallow whole.

Scarlet snakes usually come out from their hibernation period in late spring. They are proactive creatures at night. They do not generally bite when they are picked up or caressed, but since they bear an uncanny resemblance to poisonous coral snakes, only snake experts should handle them.

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